Planning Your Personal Taxes

Planning your income taxes properly and taking advantage of opportunities to minimise your tax bills can make a big difference to the amount of tax you pay. Chartered accountants London are hired to plan personal taxes to ensure their clients are paying the least amount of taxes whilst still following all the laws, rules and regulations. When planning your taxes it introduces additional options which may not have been obvious otherwise. These can include capital gains tax, inheritance tax and more.


If your employer offers benefits, these may include some tax advantages. Your personal income tax planning should assess these benefits and the effect they have on your earnings and tax payments. Consider the consequences of paying into a pension or using a company car for example. Basic planning for your taxes should include income tax preparation and adequate records of all finances that are related to taxes. Your income tax planning can be done yourself or by a professional accountancy firm.


When planning your personal taxes, any savings should be taken in to account as well as they can affect the amount or types of tax to be paid. Smart planning for your income taxes and savings can include moving savings to a spouse or partner to reduce taxes. There are also a number of other techniques that offer tax advantages such as using ISAs or making pension payments on behalf of your children.

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